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Life is a series of miniature adventures, cherished as memories and enjoyed for a lifetime. Here at East Coast, we are not a typical decal store. We are a store built on adventure, excitement, and the principle that life should be celebrated one moment at a time.

Opened in July of 2015, East Coast Vinyl Decals has become a distinguished shopping destination for like-minded shoppers who are looking for unique decor and gifts for special occasions.

With our Love It or Contact Us policy, our customers are guaranteed excellent customer service, quick communication, and a fun shopping experience.

Personalize Your Wedding

Check out our large collection of wedding decals! When you use a vinyl decal to create your sign, you don’t have to worry about hiring a calligrapher or fear that your chalk or paint will smear or drip. It’s on there and looks fabulous! Even better, you can apply your decal to chalkboards, window panes, mirrors, blackboard, acrylic, wood, and so much more. Save money and time and your best day ever just got even better.

Wedding decals


They’re great! A die cut decal doesn’t have a clear film or backing color like stickers do. Once applied, only the design remains and they look "painted on," especially in our matte finishes. They’re easily removable, but not reusable. 

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