Bride and Groom Chair Signs | DIY Decal or Stencil

Create your own beautiful "Bride and Groom" signs simply by applying our decals! Prefer a painted look? Select the stencil option!

Our customers have saved hundreds of dollars by applying our decals to chalkboards, window panes, mirrors, blackboard, acrylic, wood and much more! Rather than hiring a calligrapher or paying enormous shipping fees for completed signs, simply add our decals to any hard/smooth surface and you'll instantly create a unique piece of wedding decor!

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These decals do not have a clear film or backing color like stickers do. Once applied, only the design remains and they look "painted on" especially in our matte finishes. They are removable, but not reusable. To watch our application tutorial or to view our customer photo album, please visit

Two decals. One that says, "Bride" and one that says, "Groom" in the color and size of your choice. When selecting the size and color from the drop-down menus, you're selecting the size and color that you'd like each decal to be.

A completed sign. Only decals will be shipped. They will need to be applied to a hard/smooth surface of your choice once received.

When you choose a size, you are choosing the total width and height of the decals. In order for the decals to fit, the size selected should be at least 1-2" smaller than where they'll be placed.

Need another size? Just send us a message and we'll be happy to add it in!

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